Leak Detection Engineer UK Job Vacancy

LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd are now recruiting career oriented individuals to train to become Leak Detection Technicians.  Are you looking for a new challenge? Are you mechanical minded, love to solve problems and have the skills of Sherlock Holmes? Finding a leak requires a keen observation and careful reasoning to think not just outside the box but also to think well, based on awareness and evidence. If you like taking things apart and putting them back together to see how they work and understand them then you are the people for us. No two jobs are the same and every day brings a fresh and unique situation. You will be taught by our senior engineers how to utilise these skills with high tech leak detection equipment to locate hidden leaks for our customers in home, commercial and industrial properties throughout the UK. With the goal of accuracy and efficiency our team of elite engineers constantly scan for ways to solve what seems unsolvable. We are the UK's leading Le…

Finding Water Leaks in your Home

Home Owner Leak Detection

With National coverage, LDS have located thousands of homeowners leaks and realise how devastating a leak can be to your property causing water damage and costly repairs to your home.

Occasionally it may not be possible for your plumber to locate the source of the leak and can also be due to obstacles such as floorboards, walls and cupboards. This is where leak detection can be most helpful as the leak detection equipment is specially designed to find a leak anywhere in your property without causing any damage.

Sometimes there will be visible evidence of a water leak such as dampness, water stains and actual water, however in other cases there is no evidence apart from a very high water bill! Common water leaks in the home are on the Central Heating System or on the mains pipe work in the kitchen or bathroom.

Central heating leaks could be the cause of your boiler losing pressure on a sealed system, this could mean that you may have a hidden leak on your cent…

How to check for a water mains leak.

If you have a leak on your supply pipe, it is your responsibility if you are the property owner to ensure that the leak is repaired promptly. There are a number of simple checks you can do to check whether you have a leak:

Do you hear water running down a drain when no water is being used in the property?Can you hear water hissing or the sound of running water when there is no water being used in the property?Has your water pressure suddenly stopped?Do you have a damp patch in the garden, driveway, or anywhere on your land during dry weather?Is one particular patch of the lawn always green no matter how dry the weather?Are your water meter readings higher than usual?Are you receiving higher water bills? If you have a water meter, make sure that no water is being used in the property and that all taps are turned off, then simply look at the meter  for a couple of minutes. None of the dials should move. If they do then there may be a leak on the supply pipe.
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Leak Detection Engineer Job Vacancies

Leak Detection Specialists are currently recruiting Leak Detection Engineers.
We are the UK's leading Leak Detection Specialists providing a high standard of service to our clients. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a successful team of leak detection engineers and to be trained by the best in the industry.

We are looking for someone to join our team of Leak Detection Engineers who is dedicated to this demanding yet rewarding position. Who is self motivated, conscientious and enthusiastic about their work with good organisational and communication skills.

A Leak Detection Engineer is responsible for carrying out day to day leak detection activities  successfully finding water leaks for customers in both Domestic and Commercial properties throughout the UK.

For more details and to apply for the position as a Leak Detection Engineer download our Application Form and Job description from our website

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Finding a water leak on a Fire Ring Main

Fire Water Ring Main  Where a number of fire hydrants are required because of the area of the premises to be covered, the mains supplying these systems should be in the form of a ring main to form a complete circuit of the site. Isolating valves should be incorporated in the system so that sections of the ring main can be isolated to enable repairs to be carried out.

Leak Detection Case Study at Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant.

How the plant works : The straw is burned in a boiler to produce high temperature, high pressure steam, which is used to drive the steam turbine generator. The steam drives the turbine’s rotor, which in turn generates electricity that is then fed into the national grid. The spent steam is collected and condensed into water before being channelled back into the boiler to start the cycle again. There is between 30-60 lorry loads of straw delivered every day to site to keep the process moving. The process is virtually carbon neutral because the combustion of t…

The Benefits of Leak Detection

The Benefits of using LEAK DETECTION SPECIALISTS The Benefits of
The Benefits of our
99% success rate in locating leaksNon Destructive SolutionNational UK CoverageUK's leading Leak Detection SpecialistsAccurately locates the leak to 1 square metreProfessional Customer Service throughoutNational UK CoverageReduces your water billVarious methods used to accurately locate the leakHighly Experienced Engineers in Leak DetectionPrevents further damage to your propertyCourteous and Informative EngineersEquipped with the latest technologySaves you potentially thousands of poundsFull written report with photosExcellent customer serviceAvoids large scale excauvationsAdvice and recommendationsFast ResponseMinimal disruption and prevents shutdown
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No hidden costs
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Leak Detection Specialists to find their leaks.

The UK's leading Leak Detection Company
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Leak Detection Specialists

UK's No 1 Leak Detection Company
We pride ourselves on being ‘The Best’ in the industry having a 99% success rate of locating hidden leaks. LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd offer a leak detection service providing a non-destructive solution to finding leaks in any pipe work. Leak Detection Specialists utilise specialist equipment coupled with our engineers technical expertise to locate hidden leaks quickly and accurately, saving both time and money. We have engineers all over the UK enabling us to provide a fast response and offer International Leak Detection Services.

Leak Detection Specialists are dedicated to providing an unsurpassed
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