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Leak Detection Specialists water leak emergencies

With last month being a record breaking month, December is proving to be a very busy too. Our Leak Detection engineers have carried out Leak Detection Surveys for many home water leak emergencies throughout the UK, enabling our customers to have central heating and water for Christmas.

Finding a water leak in your home can cause even more stress at this time of the year, with Christmas only 9 days away, it's the last thing you need to be faced with. A leak detection survey can save you money, time and unnecessary stress and if you are covered for 'Trace & Access' on your home insurance you will be able to claim this expense back.

Our Leak Detection Engineers are working even harder to visit all water leak emergencies before Christmas so you can relax and enjoy the festivities. Leak Detection engineers are dedicated to you the customer and have all the qualifications, equipment and experience in the industry to find water leaks quickly and accurately.

We have Leak Detec…

Water leaks in Winter

Winter is a vey busy time of the year for us at Leak Detection Specialists. In November our leak detection engineers successully found 160 water leaks from Central Heating water leaks to mains water leaks.

One of the major factors in water main breaks or water leaks in winter is caused by frost, especially in rigid piping materials. The major cause of the problem is when the frost exerts pressure on the pipes causing them to flex. If the frost protection provided is insufficient for exceptional freezing conditions, or the premises are left unoccupied or without adequate heating, damage and leakage can often be avoided by shutting off the water supply and draining the system before the onset of freezing. A frozon pipe actually bursts (spilts open) when it freezes due to the expansion of water changing to ice, it is only when it thaws out that we realise it has burst by seeing the water leak out.

Sometimes there will be visible evidence of a water leak such as dampness, water stains a…