Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Nuclear Power Stations Leak Detection UK

Leak Detection
at Nuclear Power Stations

LDS Leak Detection Specialists are the UK's No 1 for Commercial Leak Detection.
In operating Nuclear Power Stations, they have no greater responsibility than to protect the public, the environment and themselves from the potentially adverse effects of the technology. They are responsible for the safe operation of these facilities.  Their obligation, as a nuclear operator, is to protect the people of this country and the population worldwide by maintaining nuclear safety at all times.
Our senior engineers have been working within leak detection for over 20 years gaining knowledge and experience throughout the industry to include successfully finding water leaks at Nuclear Power Stations in the UK.
Our highly experienced engineers choose the most appropriate leak detection methods to accurately locate leaks at Nuclear Power Stations.
Here are just two leak detection examples of the water leaks LDS have recently found at Nuclear Power Stations in the UK.

Nuclear Power Station water leak found on the cooling pipeline:

A leak was suspected on the cooling pipeline, which was a backup to the main cooling line to the nuclear re-actor. Using Correlation and acoustics our leak detection engineers located the area of leakage on 125mm (OD) 163-meter carbon steel pipeline. Tracer gas leak detection was not recommended due to pipework and nature of the site, also a shut down of the system was impossible.

Nuclear Power Station water leak found on the Fire Mains:

A water leak was suspected on a Fire mains pipeline protecting a Nuclear power station. A 300mm in diameter and 166 meter cement lined cast iron pipe was losing pressure from 15 bar to 2 bar in a short space of time. Our Leak Detection engineers used various methods of leak detection and successfully confirmed the water leak using acoustics and correlation.  These methods of leak detection were chosen due to the nature of the site and to prevent downtime and shut downs for the clients.

For more information about our Leak Detection Services please visit our website or contact us Tel: 0844 809 4968. 
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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

LDS Leak Detection Specialists Engineer Vacancy

Leak Detection Specialists currently have a job vacancy for a Leak Detection Engineer based in either Birmingham, West Midlands, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire or Staffordshire.

 A Leak Detection Engineer is responsible for carrying out day to day leak detection activities to include successfully finding water leaks for customers.

Leak Detection Specialists have a 99% success rate of finding water leaks due to our engineers using various methods to locate leaks and are known to be the best in the industry. Our LDS engineers find water leaks in boilers, central heating systems and water mains pipes in both Domestic and Commercial properties.

Due to our excellent reputation in the industry our business has rapidly grown in the last year. The demand for LDS engineers has increased and we now need to recruit and train more Leak Detection Engineers. We are looking for someone to join our team of Leak Detection Engineers who is dedicated to this demanding yet rewarding position. Who is self motivated, conscientious and enthusiastic about their work with good organisational and communication skills.

For more information regarding the role of an LDS Leak Detection Engineer visit one of the following links :

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 To apply for the Leak Detection Engineer Job Vacancy send your c.v. and covering letter to If you are successful we will send you an application form and invite you to an interview.

Monday, 20 January 2014

LDS Sponsors The London National race at Sandown Park Racecourse

Leak Detection Specialists Sponsored The London National race at Sandown Park Racecourse on 7th December 2013.

The Tingle Creek Christmas Festival Sandown Park Racecourse
The Tingle Creek Christmas Festival is a festive jump racing tradition, attracting the sport's leading horses and jockeys to Sandown Park. The Saturday, Tingle Creek Chase Day, is the pinnacle of the jump season, featuring the Grade 1 Tingle Cheek Chase, which is named after one of the most famous horses of the 1970's.

Best Turned Out Horse
Leak Detection Specialists had the opportunity to choose the best turned out horse in the parade ring before the LDS Leak Detection Specialists London National race.

The London National (Handicap Steeple Chase) 3m 5f 100y
LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd were proud sponsors of The London National (Handicap Steeple Chase) at 3:35pm. Watching the race of the day from The Royal Box, Leak Detection Specialists cheered in the winning horse 'There's No Panic' ridden by jockey Daryle Jacob as he jumped the last hedge ahead of 'Court By Suprise' ridden by Barry Geraghty to go on and win the LDS Leak Detection Specialists London National.
Leak Detection Specialists engineer Lee Dolman was chosen to present the trophy to Daryle Jacob (Jockey), Paul Nicolls (trainer) and The Stewart Family (Owners). For more photos visit .

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Leak Detection Case Study - Central Heating Leak

LDS help you sleep at night

The Problem
The client approached LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd via the website. He was impressed with the knowledgeable & professional response from the UK technical call handler Mark. The client had been experiencing repeated pressure loss on the boiler. A new boiler had been installed yet still the pressure loss continued. This was causing a great deal of disruption in the household as the boiler was regularly cutting off when the system lost pressure. Therefore daily visits to the boiler were required to maintain the pressure sling with it the heating & hot water. The clients heating engineer confirmed that there was an on going leak on the heating pipework which led to the client researching LEAK DETECTION on the internet.

The Solution
Leak Detection Specialists appointed one of their regionally based engineers who attended the property at the agreed day and time. The boiler was checked again to confirm the leak to be on the heating circuit. A combination of methods were used in pin pointing a far from obvious leak site. There were areas of water damaged within the property however these were found to be the end point of the migrating moisture. The whole area where the leak was detected was visually dry & unaffected. Of everywhere in the property the area identified seemed to be a very unlikely area. However based on the readings detected & images taken the leak detection engineer confidently marked the area, despite there being no sign of a leak or leakage.

The Result
Thermal Imaging noted a few areas of concern as well as evidence of some water damage. Tracer gas eventually traced the leak to the hallway which visually appears to be unaffected.

The area marked was excavated by the clients heating engineers who initially exposed sound heating pipes near to the surface.The areas still appeared to be dry & leak free. A certain amount of doubt set in the minds of the contractors as to the leaks location. Armed with the detailed report & images from Leak Detection Specialists the client insisted that the excavations should continue deeper. At which point some 600 mm from the concrete floor level the leak site was visually confirmed. The solder around an old fitting had deteriorated causing the leak & subsequent pressure loss. The leak site was repaired with no further pressure loss & no further trips to the boiler to maintain pressure in the early hours of the morning.

Leak detection is not a matter of fancy gadgets finding your leak but rather the experience and knowledge that the engineers have using the equipment . Here at Leak Detection Specialists, we pride ourselves on having these skills. With our vast experience, our leak detection engineers will recommend what would be best suited to your application and what type of leak detection equipment is most likely to accurately locate your leak fast.

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Friday, 10 January 2014

LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd

As the UK’s leading Leak Detection company, we pride ourselves on being ‘The Best’ in the industry having a 99% success rate of locating hidden leaks. Leak Detection Specialists offer a leak detection service providing a non-destructive solution to finding leaks in any pipe work in both domestic and commercial properties.  LDS utilise specialist equipment coupled with our engineers technical expertise to locate hidden leaks quickly and accurately, saving both time and money.
The need for leak detection has become more popular today as the methods are non destructive causing little or no damage to properties. Plumbers, insurance companies and commercial businesses all use professional leak detection engineers to find their leaks. Hidden leaks can be difficult to find causing damage, costly repairs and high water bills but leak detection will find the leak saving on expense and water damage. Employing a Leak detection company to accurately find a leak limits expensive excavation well as subsequent repair and redecoration work.

 Leak detection is a skilled profession requiring engineers to have many years experience in plumbing and heating. Engineers are trained to use advanced leak detection equipment and how to interpret their findings.

Our senior engineers have over 20 years experience in detecting leaks and have trained other people in the leak detection industry. All our engineers are experts in leak detection and are fully qualified in various disciplines such as plumbing, heating, water damage and mechanical engineering.  Their knowledge and experience is essential to finding a hidden leak. Our engineers have found leaks that other companies failed to find!

 We use the latest ‘state of the art’ leak detection equipment to include  acoustics, tracer gas and  thermal infra-red cameras. Our engineers use more than one method of leak detection to enable them to find and accurately locate leaks – making Leak Detection Specialists the right company for all your leak detection needs. Our reputation in the leak detection industry has made us the preferred supplier for many companies.  As a trusted partner of major insurance companies, plumbers and property owners we have helped thousands of people by finding leaks quickly and cost effectively, with minimal disruption We are insurance approved for all 'Trace & Access' Claims.

With nationwide coverage we have engineers all over the country enabling us to provide a fast response in finding your leak in your home or business.

Call us know for a free no obligation quote Tel: 0844 809 4968 or visit our website for more information

Monday, 6 January 2014

Looking back at 2013

LDS Leak Detection Specialists LTD
Looking back at 2013

It's been a busy year for our commercial leak detection team locating water leaks in Prisons, Nuclear Power Stations, Farms, Stadiums, Schools, colleges, universities, superstores, swimming pools losing water levels daily, MOD bases and even sporadic smell detection!

The beginning of 2013 brought snow and ice to the country and our engineers worked hard to reach many homes and businesses without central heating, to locate their leaks.


In March 2013 Leak Detection Specialists successfully located a water leak on 9km of pipe work at  Mount Pleasant Military Base, Falkland Islands. See our case study for more information.

Leak Detection Specialists located a leak on a fire main at Pegasus house in Filton, one of Bristol's most historically significant buildings, see our case study for more information.

Leak Detection Specialists saves Kings Park Village, the largest Home Park in the country £256,000 in 2 years! Water Management and successful leak detection really does work, see our case study for more information.


Read many customer testimonials from 2013, complimenting our leak detection service. Our customers depend on us to provide reliable, professional customer service and we do our best to meet and exceed their high standards.


LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd teamed up with Aspray Property Claims Management and All Claims Property to offer our customers help in making your property insurance claims and repairs easy.  If your home or business has been damaged and you need to make a claim on your insurance, they offer a fully comprehensive service, from quotation to completion, which will relieve the hassle and stress and, best of all, there will not be a charge to you. They will deal directly with your insurance company to ensure your claim is processed as quickly as possible and then they will get the contractors in to do the repair work and bill your insurance company direct!


LDS introduced Thermography Inspections to improve energy efficiency in homes and businesses thus leading to savings on energy costs, saving 5% - 30% on energy bills. Thermography Inspections detail the areas of concern such as insulation problems, air leaks, poor workmanship, structural defects, missing insulation, damage due to mould, moisture and condensation. For more information visit Thermography Inspections on our website. LDS promoted Thermography Inspections at many  all Eco friendly events and exhibitions throughout the country.


On 7th December 2013 Leak Detection Specialists sponsored the London National race at The Tingle Creek Christmas Festival at Sandown Race Course. 'There's No Panic' ridden by jockey Daryle Jacob jumps the last hedge ahead of 'Court By Surprise' ridden by Barry Geraghty to go on and win the LDS Leak Detection Specialists London National.


As one of the 1st and original leak detection companies we saw many leak detection companies come and go during 2013 and found leaks that they failed to find. Our engineers have many years of knowledge in plumbing, heating and of course our speciality…leak detection. Their knowledge and experience is essential to finding a leak using leak detection equipment to include thermal infra-red cameras, acoustics and tracer gas testing equipment. Our senior engineers have even trained other people in the leak detection industry, which goes to show why we are so good at what we do.

You can trust LDS to find your leak in 2014.


Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year


 Happy New Year to all our customers


Thank you for using LDS to find your leak

and for all the great testimonials for our website.