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Central Heating Leaks

Central Heating Leaks UK  We have engineers all over the country enabling us to provide a fast response to central heating leaks this winter. Don't be without heat or hot water this Winter
call Leak Detection Specialists today.
Central Heating Leaks in a residential or commercial property can be frustrating to locate because in most instances, the central heating or under floor heating pipework from the boiler will be hidden under floorboards, inside boxing’s or buried in a concrete floor.

Central heating leaks, under floor heating leak, solar power system leaks and other water leaks can all be detected by our engineers who carry state of the art equipment utilising thermography, tracer gas, dye testing, acoustics and other leak detection methods.  Here at  Leak Detection Specialists we pride ourselves in being the UK’s leading leak detection company for central heating leaks.

The engineers at Leak Detection Specialists will find central heating leaks with minimum fuss , saving on…

Non Destructive Leak Detection

LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd offer a leak detection service providing a non destructive solution to finding leaks in any pipe work in both domestic and commercial properties.

Tracer Gas Leak Detection
LDS engineers use tracer gas to accurately find and locate water leaks to 1 square meter. The tracer gas used to find water leaks is a safe mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen. The tracer gas containing hydrogen, which is the lightest and smallest molecule in the atmosphere, will exit at the leak point and make its way to the surface where it is detected using gas sensitive detection probes.

Hydrogen, at 5% in a balance of nitrogen has the smallest and lightest molecules so permeates all surfaces including concrete, tarmac, block paving and grass, rising quickly to the surface. A non-invasive leak detection technologyTracer Gas permeates all surfacesAccurately locates leaks quicklyNon destructive leak detection technology Thermography Leak Detection Using modern Thermal Imaging technolo…

Leak Detection Engineers

Leak Detection Engineers
Leak Detection Specialists engineers are dedicated to you the customer and have the qualifications, equipment and experience to find leaks quickly and accurately.

Our Senior engineers have over 20 years experience in detecting leaks in both domestic and commercial properties and have trained other people in the leak detection industry.

Leak detection is not a matter of fancy gadgets finding your leak but rather the experience and knowledge that our engineers have resulting to a 99% success rate in finding leaks.

Our reputation in the leak detection industry has made us the preferred supplier for many insurance companies, loss adjusters and property management businesses.

All our engineers are employed and trained by Leak Detection Specialists and carry I.D.Cards, wear a company uniform, drive a company van, CRB checked and hold a CSCS card.

We have engineers all over the country enabling us to provide a fast response.

We like to praise our engineers and so do …

Leak Detection Specialists find water leaks

At Leak Detection Specialists we appreciate the disruption and damage a water leak can have on the family home or business. We use state of the art leak detection equipment including thermal imaging, acoustics and tracer gas amongst other methods all of which will help us identify the location of a hidden leak quickly and effectively with the minimum disruption and damage to properties, pipe work and heating systems. Water Leak Detection is a non destructive solution to finding water leaks.

We pride ourselves on being 'The Best' in the industry, Leak Detection Specialists have a 99% success rate in locating leaks and have found leaks that other companies have failed to find.

The UK's leading Leak Detection Specialists99% success rate in locating your leakNon destructive solutionEngineers are Fully Trained & Qualified in Leak DetectionEquipped with the latest leak detection technologyFast Response National CoverageFirst Class service & excellent customer care.Don…