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Leak Detection in your home

Leak Detection Specialists Ltd  provide leak detection in your home.

Do you have a leak that is costing you a lot of money with high water bills and water damage? Has your local plumber failed to find the leak? If this is the case then our Leak Detection company will guarantee to find your leak.
At Leak Detection Specialists our engineers use specialised leak detection equipment to find your leak causing little or no damage to your property. Our leak detection engineers have many years experience in finding leaks and use various leak detection methods to accurately locate the leak. They will be able to diagnose if the problem is in the boiler or on the pipework.
Common water leaks in the home are on the Central Heating System or on the pipe work in the kitchen or bathroom. Using leak detection will help locate the leak within a small area avoiding pulling out all your kitchen cupboards or pulling up all your floorboards.
On completion of our Leak Detection Survey we provide a fully co…

What is Leak Detection ?

Leak detection is to discover where a liquid or gas has escaped from a hole or crack in a pipe.

The need for leak detection has become more popular today as the methods are non destructive causing little or no damage to properties. Plumbers, insurance companies and commercial businesses all use professional leak detection engineers to find their leaks. Hidden leaks can be difficult to find causing damage, costly repairs and high water bills but leak detection will find the leak saving on expense and water damage.

Leak detection is a skilled profession requiring engineers to have many years experience in plumbing and heating. Engineers are trained to use advanced leak detection equipment and how to interpret their findings.

Inspection cameras, protimeter mms damp meter survey kits, pressure gauges both hydraulic and digital and salts diagnostics kits all form part of leak detection equipment used by engineers. The engineers will choose the appropriate testing and inspection process t…

Which Leak Detection company can I trust?

In the last year the leak detection industry has increased with many companies claiming they can find your leak,  but who do you choose and who can you trust?

Leak Detection Specialists Ltd are one of the original leak detection companies. Our senior leak detection engineers have over 20 years experience in detecting leaks in domestic and commercial properties. They are fully trained and qualified to the highest possible standard and have trained other people in the leak detection industry. Their knowledge and experience is essential to finding a leak using leak detection equipment to include thermal infra-red cameras, acoustics and tracer gas testing equipment.

Here at Leak Detection Specialists Ltd, we have a 99% success rate in locating leaks due to our engineers using more then one method of leak detection to confirm and accurately find the leak. Our engineers have found leaks that other leak detection companies have failed to find! Our reputation in the leak detection industry ha…