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Leak Detection Services

Tracer Gar Leak Detection

Leak Detection Specialists engineers use tracer gas to accurately find and locate water leaks to 1 square meter. The tracer gas used to find water leaks is a safe mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen. The tracer gas containing hydrogen, which is the lightest and smallest molecule in the atmosphere, will exit at the leak point and make its way to the surface where it is detected using gas sensitive detection probes.
Hydrogen, at 5% in a balance of nitrogen has the smallest and lightest molecules so permeates all surfaces including concrete, tarmac, block paving and grass, rising quickly to the surface.
  • A non-invasive leak detection technology
  • Tracer Gas permeates all surfaces
  • Accurately locates leaks quickly
  • Non-destructive leak detection technology

Thermography Leak Detection

 Using modern Thermal Imaging technology a leak can be located on a burst pipe behind obstacles with minimum disruption and no damage to your property.
Thermal imaging cameras record light as heat and can show this in a picture. The Infrared energy (thermal) is a light we can’t see but we can sense as heat. Thermal imaging cameras identify very small differences in temperature on the surface of different materials, highlighting the warmer and the colder surface areas providing evidence of where the leak is originating.
Leak Detection Specialists engineers have many years of experience in detecting leaks and use their knowledge to analyse thermal imaging results against their other findings.
Thermal imaging cameras can look at large areas quickly compared to other types of leak detection methods and can see major losses of heat or potential damp problems on the exterior of your property.
  • Non destructive leak detection
  • Detects moisture in ceilings, flat roofs, behind walls and under floors.
  • Reduces your energy consumption and saves on your heating bills
  • Records exterior property heat loss and damp detection

Acoustic Leak Detection

Pressurised water pipes with leaks produce noise. Using electroacoustic ground microphones, or listening sticks, Leak Detection Specialists  engineers can often hear this noise and identify where the water leak is. This leak detection technique works well both indoors and outdoors.
Leak Detection Specialists engineers use Sewerin's advanced digital and electroacoustic technology to successfully locate water leaks. Utilising highly sensitive piezo electric microphones and digital instrumentation leak noises can be amplified, filtered and processed to assist in identifying a leak’s location.
  • Non Destructive Solution
  • Minimises downtime to your business
  • No need to turn off the water or drain the system.

Correlation Leak Detection

Leak Detection Specialists engineers use Correlation Leak Detection as a method of finding and pinpointing leaks in water pipes. A leak in a pipe under pressure creates noises that travels through the pipe. Correlators are a very accurate sound-testing device that are used to identify the acoustic frequency caused when a pipe is leaking.
The correlator uses two identical sensors located along the pipe to calculate the leak location by logging the signal delay, sensor distance and sound velocity. If they can both “hear” the water leak, the correlator, (combined with other data entered by our LDS engineer) calculates the position of the water leak. Correlation leak detection is best suited to larger pipe networks such as network distribution pipes
  • Non Destructive Solution
  • Minimises business downtime.
  • No need to turn off the water supply
  • No need to drain the water system down.
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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Leak Detection Specialists

There are many Leak Detection Companies 
but we are the Specialists!

As the UK’s leading Leak Detection company, we pride ourselves on being ‘The Best’ in the industry having a 99% success rate in finding leaks.

Leak Detection Specialists offer a leak detection service providing a non-destructive solution to finding leaks in any pipe work in both domestic and commercial properties. Leak Detection Specialists utilise specialist equipment coupled with our engineers technical expertise to locate hidden leaks quickly and accurately, saving both time and money.

All our engineers are employed and trained by Leak Detection Specialists and carry I.D. cards, wear a company uniform, drive a company van and are CRB checked.

The Benefits of using Leak Detection Specialists Ltd:       

  • We can accurately locate the leak saving time and money
  • Non destructive solution to finding leaks
  • A fully comprehensive written report with photos and recommendations is provided
  • National coverage enabling us to provide a fast response

LDS PLUGS FALKLANDS In March 2013 Leak Detection Specialists Ltd successfully located a water leak at Mount Pleasant Military Base, Falkland Islands. We carried out a leak detection survey to locate water leaks on a 4km fire ring mains and a 6km potable water supply feeding the base.  Read our case study on the Falklands

For more information on our leak detection services please visit our website or Tel: 0844 809 4968 to book an engineer.

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Friday, 7 June 2013

Customer Testimonials

Our customers depend on Leak Detection Specialists to provide reliable, professional customer service. We do our best to meet and exceed their high standards. Here's what our customers say about our team.

Mrs G Crayford-Venn, Aylesbury
Thank you very much, Lee was fantastic.
(Date: 03.06.2013)

John Murrells, Berkshire
Firstly, I wanted to let you know that Russell attended promptly this morning and conducted a thorough diagnosis of the apparent water leak. Given the size of the property, this took some time. He was extremely methodical, courteous and was careful to keep soft furnishings clean etc.
Using several techniques, he was able to locate the source of the leak to an underfloor CH feed pipe, laid under screed in a hallway cupboard. We were able to verify this after having excavated a small area. I'm convinced that there would have been no way of finding this leak without the assistance of Russell and the resultant damage would have been so much worse. Please pass on my thanks again to Russell Noble and be assured that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company in future.
(Date: 31.05.2013)

Vickie Tomkins, New Eltham, London
I am writing to express my satisfaction with the services provided by the engineers who attended my property on Friday 10th May.
The two engineers were extremely efficient in detecting a leak from a radiator pipe buried in concrete which had remained undetected following several visits from various engineers sent from our insurers. Both engineers demonstrated the highest level of consideration for my family and were polite and courteous at all times. Please pass on my appreciation.
(Date: 10.05.2013)

Mrs Fairfax, Staplehurst, Kent
Thank you for emailing the report and receipt following your engineer's inspection on 3rd May at my cottage in Staplehurst, Kent. I was very impressed with Leak Detection Specialists. It was easy to arrange an appointment. I was given a time to expect your engineer. He rang to say he would be slightly delayed, which I much appreciated.
Barry (your engineer) was quietly efficient and inspired confidence. It was obvious he was thoroughly expert at his job and he was able to detect the leak as well checking the whole system, which was reassuring. I hope it does not sound patronising if I say that Barry was polite? I would like to thank him, as well as Leak Detection Specialists, for an excellent job. I will be forwarding the report to the heating firm I use, with a recommendation about LDS in case they have other clients who may need to use your firm.
(Date: 03.05.2013)
Shelly Farrow, Croxton
Russell was brilliant. He is very professional and knowledgeable and found the leak very quickly.
(Date: 07.05.2013)

Ceri Davies, Cardiff
Lee gave us confidence in the way he handled the problem, and his wide knowledge base he was also very polite and easy to have round. Also checked with us next day that everything was ok. Excellent ambassador for your company. I only wish I could refer all our heating servicing to Lee. Many thanks.
(Date: 17.04.2013)

Avril Barnes, Northumberland
Absolutely superb service. I am at last able to wash the dishes having not had hot water since Xmas. Special thanks to Mark from Bridlington for coming out on a Sunday and being 150% professional. Also found the whole leak detection process really interesting. Thank you!
(Date: 15.04.2013)

Stuart Cleevely, Guildford
The chap that came out to us was brilliant. Very polite, thoroughly knowledgeable and a credit to your company. Happily we have the leak fixed now and need to go through the insurance pain...
(Date: 03.04.2013)
Portland Prison, Dorset
We found the leak today within 1 foot of the 'X' marked by your operatives. I attach photos for your information. Thank you for your assistance.
(Date: 28.03.2013)

Mrs Walker, Norwich
Russell was absolutely brilliant and a credit to the company.
(Date: 22.03.2013)

Amanda Wenban
I was really pleased with the work that Mark did - he kept me informed of the services he was carrying out and worked hard to find the source of the leak. Would highly recommend him and the service offered by Leak Detection Specialists.
(Date: 14.02.2013)

Mr Patel, Birmingham
I had never heard of Leak Detection, I had many plumbers try to find my leak but Brett was spot on!
(Date: 15.01.2013) Engineer: Brett Hughes

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Case Study Pegasus House Bristol

Leak Detection Technology finds the leak at
PEGASUS HOUSE, Filton, Bristol

The Client

Emcor working on behalf of Miller construction employed Leak Detection Specialists to locate a leak on a recently installed fire main at there site in Bristol. Pegasus house in Filton is one of Bristol's most historically significant buildings.
The site is currently under going a redevelopment along with the construction of the new head office for BAE air bus.

The Problem

The pipe line had been pressure tested at various stages of its installation around the site. All of the tests had been passed until recently when a section of now buried pipe work has failed water pressure tests. The area was covered in compacted road stone in readiness for essential surfacing works.

The Solution

LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd offer a leak detection service providing a non-destructive solution to finding leaks in any pipe work in both domestic and commercial properties. In contrast to traditional methods of large-scale excavation, LDS utilise specialist equipment coupled with our engineers technical expertise to locate hidden leaks quickly and accurately, saving both time and money.

The Result

Leak Detection Specialist engineers working alongside the installation contractors established a connection point. With the suspect section of pipe work isolated the tracer gas was introduced. The pressure loss was confirmed & the process of detection was commenced. The leak site was quickly located with the area marked for excavations later that day. The pipe work was accessed,the leak site repaired & the pipe line reinstated.


Leak Detection Specialists offer a professional leak detection service and have a 99% success rate of finding leaks accurately due to our skilled engineers and various methods of leak detection techniques used. We have engineers all over the UK enabling us to provide a fast response. As a trusted partner of major insurance companies, plumbers and property owners we have helped thousands of people by finding leaks quickly and cost effectively, with minimal disruption. We are insurance approved for all 'trace & access' claims.

Case Study from

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