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Do you think that you have a water leak?

You may have already noticed some signs of the leak, for example the noise of water even when nothing is being used, a reduction in pressure at the cold kitchen tap, a patch of greener grass in your front lawn or a damp patch on tarmac. Apart from the obvious signs of leakage there are a few usefull pointers:

Are you receiving high water bills?
Is there a loss of water pressure and flow rate?
Is there a discolouration in the supply water?
Are the tanks continually running in the loft?
Is there a repeated loss of system pressure on a combi boiler?

Points to remember.
Know where the isolation points are i.e. the stop taps internal and external.
Check that its operational and accessable.
Ensure that pipes are well insulated and isolated or drained down if no longer required.
Lag all exposed pipework. Have your boiler routinely serviced.
Have your cylinder, room and radiator thermostats set to reasonable temperatures.
Check condensate pipes from your boiler if the pipe freezes your boil…

Leak Detection Specialists Guide to Frozen Pipes


If the frost protection provided is insufficient for exceptional freezing conditions, or the premises are left unoccupied or without adequate heating, damage and leakage can often be avoided by shutting off the water supply and draining the system before the onset of freezing.

Did you know? The wrong thickness of insulating material provided is a common fault identified by many water company inspectors when checking systems!

When does a pipe burst due to freezing? Is it when it thaws out?
No, the pipe actually bursts (spilts open) when it freezes due to the expansion of water changing to ice, it is only when it thaws out that we realise it has burst by seeing the water leak out.

When water freezes it expands by about 10%. In order to protect against frost damage, mains and service pipes should be atleast 750mm beneath the surface of the ground.

If you do have a water leak, Leak Detection Specialists will accurately locate your water leak quickly and cost effectively …