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Finding a water leak on a Fire Ring Main

Fire Water Ring Main  Where a number of fire hydrants are required because of the area of the premises to be covered, the mains supplying these systems should be in the form of a ring main to form a complete circuit of the site. Isolating valves should be incorporated in the system so that sections of the ring main can be isolated to enable repairs to be carried out.

Leak Detection Case Study at Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant.

How the plant works : The straw is burned in a boiler to produce high temperature, high pressure steam, which is used to drive the steam turbine generator. The steam drives the turbine’s rotor, which in turn generates electricity that is then fed into the national grid. The spent steam is collected and condensed into water before being channelled back into the boiler to start the cycle again. There is between 30-60 lorry loads of straw delivered every day to site to keep the process moving. The process is virtually carbon neutral because the combustion of t…

The Benefits of Leak Detection

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