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Why Choose Leak Detection Specialists Ltd?

Trained technical engineers.High success rate.Excellent service.Businesses or at home.Everywhere in the UK covered.Swift response.Timely issuing of reports.
Commercial leaks can be daunting large water bills for lost water can be huge & easily eat into a businesses hard earned profits.

Has your usage/consumption suddenly gone up along with the bill ?

Simple isolation tests & water meter monitoring can confirm if a leak is present on the underground supply or distribution pipework. You can always call the local water authority who should be able to confirm if a leak is present? It will be unlikely that the water authority will find your leak but may issue a section 75(water industry act 1991).

What to do if you have been issued with a section 75 from your local authority?

Dont panic but you must take action! One phone call to LDS is the first step to resolution.You may also wish to contact your insurers as your policy may cover the Trace & Access of the leak? Together with yo…

Leak Detection Specialists Ltd ABC Guide

Access: minimised disruption with accurate detection methods
Building & Contents: Contact your insurers if your property is water damaged or you suspect that you have a leak.
Damage: Ongoing hidden leaks can cause extensive water damage which can be expensive to rectify
Emergency: Know where & how to isolate your water supply
Find: We will identify the location of hidden leaks internally & externally.
Gas: Have your boiler routinely serviced by a gas safe engineer.
Home: Our engineers will call at your property at a pre-arranged time & date. Calling ahead if necessary to confirm arrival time.
Information: Safely store your boiler manual & documents.
Jacket: Check that your hot water cylinder insulation is up to current standards.
Keep: Track of water bills & monitor for sudden spikes in usage
Leak: We identify leaks at domestic or commercial properties.
Mapping: We can map heating pipes & water supply pipes.
Nitrogen: We use a safe mix of nitrogen & hydrogen in man…

Energy Savings

Are correct settings of a thermostats really that important? What difference does a few degrees make? Quite a lot overtime interms of wasted fuel and money. By setting thermostats wisely we can save on fuel ills and help the environment too.<br><br> Do I need to get a leak fixed? A leaking hot water pipe means that the hot waterlost is replaced by cold water, which then has to be reheated, wasting boiler energy. (A loss of metered water can be expensive). A leak on your heating system can dramatically increase your fuel bills. If you do have a leak Leak Detection Specialists Ltd will accurately locate your water leak quickly and cost effectively with minimal disruption and damage to your property. We pride ourselves on being 'The Best' in the industry, Leak Detection Specialists has a 99% success rate in locating leaks.<br><br> Leak Detection is the only solution, if there is a leak we will find it saving you money, time and unnecessary stress. Tel: 0844 809…