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Prevent water leaks by insulating your pipework

Fall is just around the corner and cold weather can cause problems for your water supply. It's important to protect your water pipes before winter sets in.
To prevent pipes from freezing or bursting be sure that your pipes are well insulated.When water freezes inside a pipe it turns into ice. The ice needs more room than water, as it expands. As the ice expands, it increases pressure on the pipes and joints, often causing pipes to split or joints to pull apart. A water leak can cause serious damage to your property. Leak Detection Specialists can locate hidden water leaks quickly preventing any further damage and expense.

Get your property winter-readyIdentify the pipework both inside and outside of your home which may be at risk of freezing from sub-zero temperatures - eg outdoor taps, pipes linking up to internal water meters or in unheated draughty areas such as lofts and cellarsLocate your internal stop tap and make sure that it is working correctly by opening and closing it …


MORE GREAT TESIMONIALS FROM OUR HAPPY CUSTOMERS Our customers depend on us to provide reliable, professional customer service. We do our best to meet and exceed their high standards. Here's what just some of  our customers say about our team.
Janette, HomeServe Operational Suppport Team
Please can you advise Russell the attending engineer of a compliment from Mrs Clifton. She is very pleased with how Russell put himself over in all ways. Appearance, how he explained what he was doing, professionalism – everything. Praise where its due.
(Date: 6.9.2013)

Polly Grahamn, Vitol Building Services Ltd, London
Francesco was full of praise for Simon and the work he did.
(Date: 3.9.2013)

Jill Jones, Broker Direct Plc, Bolton, Lancashire
Just to say.. they found the leak!.. and now it has been repaired.. which is great! I would also like to say how impressed we all were with Lee… very professional, very polite… We would definitely recommend your company/service/staff. What a refreshing cha…