Tuesday, 30 October 2012

10 Reasons to choose Leak Detection Specialists Ltd

10 Reasons to choose Leak Detection Specialists Ltd to find your water leaks:
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • 99% Success rate in finding leaks
  • Highly qualified & trained Leak Detection Engineers
  • Modern 'State of the Art' Leak Detection Equipment used
  • National Coverage providing a fast response
  • Prefered supplier for Insurance companies
  • We have found leaks other leak detection companies have failed to find
  • Written Survey Reports with photographic evidence & recommendations 
  • Leak detection is a non destructive solution
  • Recent customer survey shows 100% customer satisfaction.
So you can see why customers are choosing Leak Detection Specialists Ltd to find their leaks. We are one of the original Leak Detection Companies in the UK offering National coverage to both Domestic and Commercial Properties.

Call Leak Detection Specialists Ltd now to book a leak detection engineer or just have a chat about your water leak, we are happy to help Tel: 0844 809 4968.

Leak Detection Specialists Ltd pride themselves in being 'the best' in the industry.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Leak Detection : Signs of water leaks and precautions

LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd  are experts in finding all water leaks.
You may have already noticed some signs of a water leak, for example the noise of water even when nothing is being used, a reduction in pressure at the cold kitchen tap, a patch of greener grass in your front lawn or a damp patch on tarmac. Apart from the obvious signs of leakage there are a few useful pointers:
  • Are you receiving high water bills?
  • Is there a loss of water pressure and flow rate?
  • Is there a discolouration in the supply water?
  • Are the tanks continually running in the loft?
  • Central heating: Is there a repeated loss of system pressure on a combi boiler?
Points to remember.
  1. Know where the isolation points are i.e. the stop taps internal and external.
  2. Check that its operational and accessible.
  3. Ensure that pipes are well insulated and isolated or drained down if no longer required.
  4. Lag all exposed pipework. Have your boiler routinely serviced.
  5. Have your cylinder, room and radiator thermostats set to reasonable temperatures.
  6. Check condensate pipes from your boiler if the pipe freezes your boiler may fail to operate.
Unfortunately your water supplier is not responsible for water pipes on your property and cannot pinpoint the exact location of the leak. You will need to employ a qualified contractor to detect the leak for you (Also known as Leak Detection), this is the service which we supply at LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd.

At LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd will accurately locate your water leak quickly and cost effectively with minimal disruption and damage to your property. We pride ourselves on being 'The Best' in the industry, Leak Detection Specialists has a 99% success rate in locating leaks and is one of the original leak detection companies.

Leak Detection Specialists have engineers all over the country enabling us to provide a fast response.

Leak Detection is the only solution, if there is a leak we will find it saving you money, time and unnecessary stress.

Contact LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd for help and advise Tel: 0844 809 4968

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Leak Detection Testimonials

We at Leak Detection Specialists  pride ourselves on being 'The Best' in the industry. Leak Detection Specialists have a 99% success rate in locating leaks due to our engineers using more than one method of  leak detection to confirm and accurately identify your water leak.

Our customers depend on us to provide reliable, professional customer service. We do our best to meet and exceed their high standards. Here's what our customers say about our team.

"Hi Lisa, many thanks for your help in this problem. Your engineer arrived promptly and was very thorough, professional and friendly in finding the leak, please pass on our thanks to Barry as well." Steve Wigglesworth (Date: 4.10.2012)

"After a problematic survey to locate a leak under membrane and double tiles. Michael pinpointed the leak, removing only one tile in the bathroom to repair the leak. I am very happy with the results, thank you." Mrs Bloom (Date: 12.06.2012).
"Thank you Lee for detecting our leak. We were very concerned and you put our minds at rest with your professionalism and expertise."(Date: 8.06.2012).

"Thank you so much, Lee is a credit to the company. He was pleasant and calm when I was getting stressed. He worked non stop until he found the leak which was very difficult. Its not often you get such great service, Michael and Mark were also very helpful on the phone." Mrs Padgett (Date: 23.05.2012).

Leak Detection
"Fantastic job. Your usual high standard and professional work completed. Many thanks from the high level team." Andrew (Date: 23.04.2012).

"Had a mysterious leak somewhere on the ground floor of our house, seeing as we have a tiled kitchen diner and concrete floors to two other reception rooms, I was dreading employing a builder to dig up and investigate. There is no need for the prospect of lots of messy work, as Lee found the leak in our utility room. He was very polite, thorough and charming with my two year old son. Leak found, builders now employed and only a small area of floor to come up. Thank you for your excellent service." Elaine (Date: 20.04.2012).

"The overall impression, from firstly speaking to you and then when Lee arrived and found the leak was excellent and extremely professional - thank you very much." Kate Hill  (Date: 23.02.2012).

"I would like you to know that Lee is a credit to your company. He made sure that his job was sorted and saw it all the way through to the end. If all you operatives are like Lee you will have a successful company. Please pass my gratitude onto him. I will also pass these thoughts onto my insurance company." Mr Taylor (Date: 20.02.2012).

"Lee worked exceptional hard to locate our leak which was spot on. Thank you." Mrs Patterson (Date: 25.01.2012).

Call the original Leak Detection Specialists now for free advice and a no obligation quotation. 0844 809 4968 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Leak Detection Noise Loggers

Noise Loggers are used for early detection of leaks in water supply networks.The longer it takes to identify that a network is leaking the more revenue is lost and the greater the loss of precious water resources. In addition to the more conventional methods of leak detection the installation of permanent noise loggers has proved to be a cost effective tool in early identification of water loss. By permanently monitoring sections of the system, which have previously been proven leak free, it will alert you when a potential leak does develop.

Using a network of Noise Loggers, digital Correlating Loggers (DCLs) Leak Detection Specialists can pinpoint the exact locations of any leaks in one overnight surveillance. LDS enginneers will plan the placement of the DCLs and analyze and review the overnight results.

Noise loggers are considerably more sensitive than the human ear and are usually active during the night, when background noise is at a minimum. Noise amplitude (or loudnes) will vary due to random effects, but there will always be a consistent minimum due to any noise that is always present ie leakage. Noise generated by a leak tends to have reasonably consistent amplitude.

The small devices are deployed at points around the water network, where we will monitor the noise levels on the pipes themselves. Changes and distinctive patterns in sound indicate the presence of leaks, often including ones that would otherwise go completely undetected. Data is collected from all DCLs pinpointing the map locations of any leak sounds present. The engineer will identify the recorded noise at different locations to determine the location of the leak.

Leak noise loggers help to reduce leakage levels and operating costs simultaneously by monitoring
 large areas of the water network quickly and effectively.The results will enable water suppliers to
reduce leakage cost effectively and to maintain these low levels at minimal cost.

LDS engineers have successfully used Noise Loggers at Holidays Parks, Aviation sites, Schools, Parks,  Prisons and many more commercial and industrial sites in the UK.

Contact Leak Detection Specialists Ltd today for a quote to help you save on water by finding your leak. We have engineers all over the country enabling us to provide a fast response.

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Monday, 1 October 2012

Central Heating Leaks

Central heating leaks could be the cause of your boiler loosing pressure on a sealed system, this could mean that you may have a hidden leak on your central heating pipework or underfloor heating pipework somewhere in your property.

With advanced modern technology, and state of the art equipment, Leak Detection Specialists engineers can locate your central heating leaks super-fast and accurately.

Central Heating Leaks: In a sealed central heating system, losing pressure on your boiler will be the first tell-tale sign of a possible leak on the central heating system. Constantly topping your system up will be diluting the important corrosion inhibitor in the system and in most modern heating systems can cause severe damage to the boiler itself, including the heat exchanger which can be very costly to replace ! This can eventually lead to failure of the boiler leaving you without heating and/or hot water. On an older system, the central heating filling and expansion tank in the loft (small tank) may be dripping or running 24hrs a day and may go unnoticed for some time until water damage becomes evident in the property, usually spreading throughout a large area making the exact leak location very difficult to identify. In a sealed system, mains water is pressurised usually between 1 and 1.5 Bar in the system, pipework and radiators, an additive is added to reduce corrosion. This is shown on the boiler or the pipework somewhere by means of a pressure gauge.

You may have called various plumbers to fix your central heating leaks but they have failed to find the leak. Here at Leak Detection Specialists, we use state of the art leak detection equipment including thermal infra-red cameras, acoustical testing moisture meters and tracer gas testing equipment amongst other methods all of which will help us identify the location of your central heating leaks quickly and effectively with the minimum disruption and damage to your property. At Leak Detection Specialists we also take pride in our 99% success rate due to our engineers using more than one method of detection to confirm and accurately identify your central heating leaks.

All of our leak detection engineers are fully trained and qualified to the highest possible standard and have many years’ experience in locating central heating leaks on both sealed and vented heating systems.

Once our leak detection engineer is booked to carry out your leak detection survey, whether its central heating leaks, underfloor heating leak or a boiler leak, you as the customer can rest assured that Leak Detection Specialists will carry out the leak detection survey quickly and effectively at a reasonable cost normally with no damage to your property whatsoever, allowing you as the customer to minimise water damage to your property and allowing you to repair the leak as soon as possible.

After finding any central heating leaks, you will receive a fully detailed leak detection report including colour photographs and full recommendations on how to best remedy the problem.  Our report is accepted by all insurance companies and they will be able to deal with your claim as soon as possible if the need for a claim arises.

So if you have any central heating leaks call now for expert advice and a FREE no obligation quotation from one of the U.K’s leading Leak Detection Specialist’s Tel: 0844 809 4968