How to check for a water mains leak.

If you have a leak on your supply pipe, it is your responsibility if you are the property owner to ensure that the leak is repaired promptly. There are a number of simple checks you can do to check whether you have a leak:

  • Do you hear water running down a drain when no water is being used in the property?
  • Can you hear water hissing or the sound of running water when there is no water being used in the property?
  • Has your water pressure suddenly stopped?
  • Do you have a damp patch in the garden, driveway, or anywhere on your land during dry weather?
  • Is one particular patch of the lawn always green no matter how dry the weather?
  • Are your water meter readings higher than usual?
  • Are you receiving higher water bills?
If you have a water meter, make sure that no water is being used in the property and that all taps are turned off, then simply look at the meter  for a couple of minutes. None of the dials should move. If they do then there may be a leak on the supply pipe.

What to do next .......

Call LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd tel: 0344 809 4968 for a free Leak Detection Survey quotation.  Leak Detection is a non destructive solution to accurately locate hidden water leaks using specialised Leak Detection equipment coupled with experienced Leak Detection engineers.

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