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Facilities and Property Management Leak Detection

Facilities and Property Management Leak Detection
Leak Detection Specialists are dedicated to providing Managers, Property Managers and Property Management companies with an unsurpassed Leak Detection Service throughout the UK.

We are sensitive to the stresses that can arise and we undertake to treat all clients with a positive attitude. Our reputation and continued business growth depend on our ability to provide a great service. Customer satisfaction is critical and we are committed to achieving this goal.

Working together you can be rest assured that your customer are in good hands. Upon your instruction we will immediately contact your customer to arrange a Leak Detection Survey at their earliest convenience. Our engineers will carry out the survey in a tidy professional manner offering reassurance to your customer. A full written report with photos and recommendations will be sent to you the following day.

The Benefits
     • A non-destructive technical solution

Homeowner Leak Detection

With National coverage Leak Detection Specialists have located thousands of homeowners leaks and realise how devastating a leak can be to your property causing water damage and costly repairs to your home.

Sometimes there will be visible evidence of a water leak such as dampness, water stains and actually water, however in other cases there is no evidence apart from a very high water bill! Common water leaks in the home are on the Central Heating System or on the mains pipe work in the kitchen or bathroom.

It may not be possible for you or your plumber to locate the source of the water leak and can also be due to obstacles such as floorboards, walls and cupboards. This is where leak detection can be most helpful as the leak detection equipment is specially designed to find a water leak anywhere in your property without causing damage.

At Leak Detection Specialists our engineers use specialised leak detection equipment to locate water leaks and have many years experience. Using vario…