Leak Detection Specialists Ltd ABC Guide

Access: minimised disruption with accurate detection methods
Building & Contents: Contact your insurers if your property is water damaged or you suspect that you have a leak.
Damage: Ongoing hidden leaks can cause extensive water damage which can be expensive to rectify
Emergency: Know where & how to isolate your water supply
Find: We will identify the location of hidden leaks internally & externally.
Gas: Have your boiler routinely serviced by a gas safe engineer.
Home: Our engineers will call at your property at a pre-arranged time & date. Calling ahead if necessary to confirm arrival time.
Information: Safely store your boiler manual & documents.
Jacket: Check that your hot water cylinder insulation is up to current standards.
Keep: Track of water bills & monitor for sudden spikes in usage
Leak: We identify leaks at domestic or commercial properties.
Mapping: We can map heating pipes & water supply pipes.
Nitrogen: We use a safe mix of nitrogen & hydrogen in many cases to accurately locate leak sites.
Outstanding: We endeavour to provide the best level of customer service at all times.
Pressure: Is your boiler continually lossing pressure you may have a leak? Have you boiler checked first as certain faults can also cause pressure loss.
Qualified: Our engineers are all suitably qualified with atleast 15 years experience in leak detection.
Report: We will issue you with a comprehensive report on our findings & recommendations, complete with images.
Specialists: Finding leaks is our specialty its what we do.
Thermal: Thermal imaging is just one of our methods to help locate pipes & leaks within properties.
Understand: Our reports our produced in an easily understood format to help you,your insurers & contractors to quickly resolve the problem.
Value: We offer a competitively priced service.
Water: Is a precious resource that is vital for life, let's help to save it & avoid unnecessary waste.
Xray: An infra red camera doesn't work in the same way as xrays.
Zest: Our skilled engineers enjoy the challenge of finding your leak.

Leak Detection is the only solution, if there is a leak we will find it saving you money, time and unnecessary stress. Tel: 0844 809 4968 for help and advice


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