Prevent water leaks by insulating your pipework


Fall is just around the corner and cold weather can cause problems for your water supply. It's important to protect your water pipes before winter sets in.

To prevent pipes from freezing or bursting be sure that your pipes are well insulated.When water freezes inside a pipe it turns into ice. The ice needs more room than water, as it expands. As the ice expands, it increases pressure on the pipes and joints, often causing pipes to split or joints to pull apart. A water leak can cause serious damage to your property. Leak Detection Specialists can locate hidden water leaks quickly preventing any further damage and expense.

Get your property winter-ready

  • Identify the pipework both inside and outside of your home which may be at risk of freezing from sub-zero temperatures - eg outdoor taps, pipes linking up to internal water meters or in unheated draughty areas such as lofts and cellars
  • Locate your internal stop tap and make sure that it is working correctly by opening and closing it before the cold weather starts - most stop taps are located under the kitchen sink although you may have one in a garage, cellar or outhouse.
  • Keep your central heating on a low setting throughout cold spells. If you have a newer boiler there may already be a preset for frost available for you to select.
  • Have a list of useful numbers and websites close to hand in the event that anything goes wrong. If you have a leak call Leak Detection Specialists to find the leak Tel: 0844 809 4968

Use appropriate lagging to insulate your pipework. Lagging can be purchased from most DIY stores but simple household items such as towels can also be used to wrap up pipes and keep frost at bay. If you are wanting to lag outdoor pipes you need to make sure that the lagging you are using is waterproof or your pipes will not be adequately protected.

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