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Central Heating Leaks in a residential or commercial property can be frustrating to locate because in most instances, the central heating or under floor heating pipework from the boiler will be hidden under floorboards, inside boxing’s or buried in a concrete floor.

Central heating leaks, under floor heating leak, solar power system leaks and other water leaks can all be detected by our engineers who carry state of the art equipment utilising thermography, tracer gas, dye testing, acoustics and other leak detection methods.  Here at  Leak Detection Specialists we pride ourselves in being the UK’s leading leak detection company for central heating leaks.

The engineers at Leak Detection Specialists will find central heating leaks with minimum fuss , saving on expense and water damage to your home, weather your system is old or new, tanks in the loft or new condensing combi’s and megaflows, vented or unvented systems.

We specialise in all heating systems oil, gas, LPG and renewable energies as our engineers are trained in all heating and pipe work systems.

In a sealed central heating system, losing pressure on your boiler will be the first tell-tale sign of a possible leak on the central heating system. Constantly topping your system up will be diluting the important corrosion inhibitor in the system and in most modern heating systems can cause severe damage to the boiler itself, including the heat exchanger which can be very costly to replace ! This can eventually lead to failure of the boiler leaving you without heating and/or hot water.

On an older system, the central heating filling and expansion tank in the loft (small tank) may be dripping or running 24hrs a day and may go unnoticed for some time until water damage becomes evident in the property, usually spreading throughout a large area making the exact leak location very difficult to identify.

It's important to service your boiler every year as some central heating leaks are caused by faulty parts on the boiler.

So if you are experiencing heating problems such as the boiler loosing pressure contact us at Leak Detection Specialists to find central heating leaks and give you peace of mind.

Visit Leak Detection Specialists website for more information on our services or call us now to book a leak detection survey  Tel: 0844 809 4968.

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