Nuclear Power Stations Leak Detection UK

Leak Detection
at Nuclear Power Stations

LDS Leak Detection Specialists are the UK's No 1 for Commercial Leak Detection.
In operating Nuclear Power Stations, they have no greater responsibility than to protect the public, the environment and themselves from the potentially adverse effects of the technology. They are responsible for the safe operation of these facilities.  Their obligation, as a nuclear operator, is to protect the people of this country and the population worldwide by maintaining nuclear safety at all times.
Our senior engineers have been working within leak detection for over 20 years gaining knowledge and experience throughout the industry to include successfully finding water leaks at Nuclear Power Stations in the UK.
Our highly experienced engineers choose the most appropriate leak detection methods to accurately locate leaks at Nuclear Power Stations.
Here are just two leak detection examples of the water leaks LDS have recently found at Nuclear Power Stations in the UK.

Nuclear Power Station water leak found on the cooling pipeline:

A leak was suspected on the cooling pipeline, which was a backup to the main cooling line to the nuclear re-actor. Using Correlation and acoustics our leak detection engineers located the area of leakage on 125mm (OD) 163-meter carbon steel pipeline. Tracer gas leak detection was not recommended due to pipework and nature of the site, also a shut down of the system was impossible.

Nuclear Power Station water leak found on the Fire Mains:

A water leak was suspected on a Fire mains pipeline protecting a Nuclear power station. A 300mm in diameter and 166 meter cement lined cast iron pipe was losing pressure from 15 bar to 2 bar in a short space of time. Our Leak Detection engineers used various methods of leak detection and successfully confirmed the water leak using acoustics and correlation.  These methods of leak detection were chosen due to the nature of the site and to prevent downtime and shut downs for the clients.

For more information about our Leak Detection Services please visit our website or contact us Tel: 0844 809 4968. 
You can Trust LDS
The UK's No1 in Commercial Leak Detection
to find your leak



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