Monday, 5 March 2012

Water Conservation

Less than 2% of the earths water supply is fresh.The average person in Britain uses 155 litres of water a day. A figure that has dramatically risen in the past 30 years & looks set to climb. Getting water to your taps uses a lot of energy especially when its heated up. If every UK home reduced there hot water use by just 5% the CO2 saving would be equivalent to taking around half a million cars of the road.

Saving water saves you money & helps save the environment.

In developing countries each person uses only 20 litres a day 1/3 of household water is used to flush the toilet. On average, people flush the toilet 5.2 times a day. Washing machines and dishwashers used over 500 billion litres of water in the UK in 2000 alone (94% was used by washing machines).

Recent predictions show that consumption is set to rise by an additional 100 billion litres by the year 2020.Just taking a five minute shower very day, instead of a bath, will use a third of the water, saving up to 400 litres a week. A dripping tap could waste as much as 90 litres a week.

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