Do you need Leak Detection?

Do you need Leak Detection? Is your central heating loosing pressure and you are topping up the water everyday. Then yes you do have a leak and Leak Detection Specialists Ltd can help find your leak.

Leak Detection Specialists Ltd employee highly qualified leak detection engineers who use leak detection equipment such as acoustics, tracer gas and thermal imaging to help them pin point exactly where your leak is in your property. Using Leak Detection to find your leak will save you money in water bills, plumber bills, unneccessary excavations and water damage in your home and you may also be covered for 'Trace and Access' on your home insurance.

Leak Detection Services include the following:

Our Leak Detection Surveys include various
methods of equipment to accurately locate your leak and a full written report with photos. To learn more about our leak detection methods visit our website.

We understand the urgency of needing to book a leak detection engineer so we do try to get an engineer to you withing 48 hours if we can. We have leak detection engineers all over the UK enabling us to provide a fast response. Simply contact us Tel: 0844 809 4968 to speak to a friendly advisor and we can book a leak detection engineer to your property. For more information please visit our website


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