Central Heating Leaks

Central heating leaks could be the cause of your boiler loosing pressure on a sealed system, this could mean that you may have a hidden leak on your central heating pipework or underfloor heating pipework somewhere in your property.

With advanced modern technology, and state of the art equipment, Leak Detection Specialists engineers can locate your central heating leaks super-fast and accurately.

Central Heating Leaks: In a sealed central heating system, losing pressure on your boiler will be the first tell-tale sign of a possible leak on the central heating system. Constantly topping your system up will be diluting the important corrosion inhibitor in the system and in most modern heating systems can cause severe damage to the boiler itself, including the heat exchanger which can be very costly to replace ! This can eventually lead to failure of the boiler leaving you without heating and/or hot water. On an older system, the central heating filling and expansion tank in the loft (small tank) may be dripping or running 24hrs a day and may go unnoticed for some time until water damage becomes evident in the property, usually spreading throughout a large area making the exact leak location very difficult to identify. In a sealed system, mains water is pressurised usually between 1 and 1.5 Bar in the system, pipework and radiators, an additive is added to reduce corrosion. This is shown on the boiler or the pipework somewhere by means of a pressure gauge.

You may have called various plumbers to fix your central heating leaks but they have failed to find the leak. Here at Leak Detection Specialists, we use state of the art leak detection equipment including thermal infra-red cameras, acoustical testing moisture meters and tracer gas testing equipment amongst other methods all of which will help us identify the location of your central heating leaks quickly and effectively with the minimum disruption and damage to your property. At Leak Detection Specialists we also take pride in our 99% success rate due to our engineers using more than one method of detection to confirm and accurately identify your central heating leaks.

All of our leak detection engineers are fully trained and qualified to the highest possible standard and have many years’ experience in locating central heating leaks on both sealed and vented heating systems.

Once our leak detection engineer is booked to carry out your leak detection survey, whether its central heating leaks, underfloor heating leak or a boiler leak, you as the customer can rest assured that Leak Detection Specialists will carry out the leak detection survey quickly and effectively at a reasonable cost normally with no damage to your property whatsoever, allowing you as the customer to minimise water damage to your property and allowing you to repair the leak as soon as possible.

After finding any central heating leaks, you will receive a fully detailed leak detection report including colour photographs and full recommendations on how to best remedy the problem.  Our report is accepted by all insurance companies and they will be able to deal with your claim as soon as possible if the need for a claim arises.

So if you have any central heating leaks call now for expert advice and a FREE no obligation quotation from one of the U.K’s leading Leak Detection Specialist’s Tel: 0844 809 4968


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