Leak Detection : Signs of water leaks and precautions

LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd  are experts in finding all water leaks.
You may have already noticed some signs of a water leak, for example the noise of water even when nothing is being used, a reduction in pressure at the cold kitchen tap, a patch of greener grass in your front lawn or a damp patch on tarmac. Apart from the obvious signs of leakage there are a few useful pointers:
  • Are you receiving high water bills?
  • Is there a loss of water pressure and flow rate?
  • Is there a discolouration in the supply water?
  • Are the tanks continually running in the loft?
  • Central heating: Is there a repeated loss of system pressure on a combi boiler?
Points to remember.
  1. Know where the isolation points are i.e. the stop taps internal and external.
  2. Check that its operational and accessible.
  3. Ensure that pipes are well insulated and isolated or drained down if no longer required.
  4. Lag all exposed pipework. Have your boiler routinely serviced.
  5. Have your cylinder, room and radiator thermostats set to reasonable temperatures.
  6. Check condensate pipes from your boiler if the pipe freezes your boiler may fail to operate.
Unfortunately your water supplier is not responsible for water pipes on your property and cannot pinpoint the exact location of the leak. You will need to employ a qualified contractor to detect the leak for you (Also known as Leak Detection), this is the service which we supply at LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd.

At LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd will accurately locate your water leak quickly and cost effectively with minimal disruption and damage to your property. We pride ourselves on being 'The Best' in the industry, Leak Detection Specialists has a 99% success rate in locating leaks and is one of the original leak detection companies.

Leak Detection Specialists have engineers all over the country enabling us to provide a fast response.

Leak Detection is the only solution, if there is a leak we will find it saving you money, time and unnecessary stress.

Contact LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd for help and advise Tel: 0844 809 4968


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