Leak Detection Specialists find more water leaks!

Our Leak Detection engineers continue to save customers money by finding their water leaks.

Last week we found a total of 31 water leaks and already this week is booking up fast. Leak Detection Engineers found water leaks in properties located in Stoke-on-Trent, Ilford, Axminister, Wisbech, London, Norwich, Bridgend, Norfolk, Burnley, Manchester, Woodbridge and many more places in the UK.

Our leak detection engineers located a water leak within an hour at a school in St Helens Merseyside which other companies failed to find. So it's not surprising that customers are choosing Leak Detection Specialists to find their leaks. Our leak detection engineers aren't just plumbers they are highly qualified with many years experience in finding water leaks.

Leak Detection Specialists engineers also located a water leak on a one hundred year old pipe in a beautiful church in Sunderland.
It's important to us as a company that we find your water leak, our leak detection engineers work really hard to locate your water leak to 1 square meter, so any excavation is to a minimum when the pipes are repaired. With our 99% success rate of finding your water leaks Leak Detection Specialists Ltd are saving you money on your high water bills and also keeping your repair costs down.
If you think you have a water leak no matter how big or small your property is, Leak Detection Specialists will find it. To book a leak detection engineer contact us on Tel: 0844 809 4968 . Delaying booking a leak detection engineer will only let the problem escalate causing more damage to your home or business.


  1. Finding plumbers in orange county,los angels etc not so easy & leak detection specialist help you to locate and identify leaks in places where you don’t even know they exist.


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