Book Leak Detection Specialists to find your leak

Leak Detection Specialists Ltd locate hidden water leaks in domestic and commercial properties throughout the UK everyday.

Water leaks in any property can be devastating and cause thousands of pounds worth of damage and a very high water bill to pay!  A water leak on your Central heating system could leave you without any heating or hot water. Central heating systems that are being refilled constantly suffer from oxidization causing rusting within your radiators & pipes. Damp in your walls and floors can cause health problems including asthma and becomes a comfortable home for insects, bugs and mites.  Finding the water leak can be an impossible task but not for our experienced leak detection engineer.

Our leak detection engineers are fully trained and experienced in locating water leaks on Central heating systems and water mains pipes. They use varies methods to find water leaks underground and behind walls without the need to remove flooring, tiling, cupboards etc. On completion of a leak detection survey we will issue you a full report of all our findings and recommendations. Using varies methods of leak detection this helps us to accurately locate the leak to 1 square metre. All of our reports are insurance approved and if you are covered for “trace and access” once you forward our report to your insurer, they should reimburse you with the total amount paid to us for your leak detection survey.

So if you have a water leak, we are just a phone call away Tel: 0844 809 4968. Call our friendly receptionist to book a leak detection engineer and put a stop to the damage and expense your water leak is causing.

To read what our customers are saying about us at Leak Detection Specialists, see our Testimonials on our website.

Leak Detection is the only solution, we you have a leak we will find it saving you money, time and unnecessary stress.


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