Meet Leak Detection Specialists at Ecobuild 2014

Leak Detection Specialists at Ecobuild
Come and meet LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd at the Ecobuild on Thursday 6th March 2014 and find out how we find leaks and the equipment we use.
Ecobuild 2014, the world’s leading event for sustainable design, construction, energy and the built environment. Visit Ecobuild for more information and to see who will be there.

Leak Detection Surveys

LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd offer a leak detection service providing a non-destructive solution to finding leaks in any pipe work in both domestic and commercial properties. Leak Detection Specialists utilise specialist equipment coupled with our engineers technical expertise to locate hidden leaks quickly and accurately, saving both time and money.

LDS Thermography Inspections

Thermography Inspections detail the areas of concern such as insulation problems, Air leaks, poor workmanship, structural defects, missing insulation, damage due to mould, moisture and condensation.
Leak Detection Specialists Thermographers are certificated at all three levels by PCN, part of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT). Our thermographers use their skill and experience to interpret thermal images and diagnose any anomalies in the construction, compliant with Part L of the building regulations and BS-EN 13187. LDS use leading-edge infrared technology from FLIR to perform thermography inspections of homes and buildings to improve energy efficiency, thus leading to savings on energy costs.

Come and meet us at the Ecobuild and receive  10% off  a Leak Detection Survey or Thermography Inspection.


Look forward to seeing you there.



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