International Leak Detection


International Leak Detection

Although Leak Detection Specialists Ltd are a UK based company, we also offer International Leak Detection Services and have managed projects abroad to include our most recent one in The Falkland Islands.

International Leak Detection is a specialised industry requiring experienced and highly trained engineers equipped with the latest leak detection technology to locate the leak. Having a leak can be a financial burden on your business and cause unforeseen damage to your commercial site and business. Our International Leak Detection Service can take away the stress by finding your leak enabling your business to recover quickly and move forward.

We can provide International Leak Detection Services in all types of International commercial businesses. Our senior engineers have been working within leak detection for over 20 years gaining knowledge and experience throughout the industry.

Our project manager and a senior engineer will liaise with you so they can identify the most effective methods of leak detection to successfully locate your leak and minimise any downtime to your business. The cost of a leak detection survey is tailored to your business and varies depending on many factors; ie. the nature of the leak, your environment, the size of your site, how much gas may be used, how many engineers are needed, how many days are required etc. On gathering all the information required we will send you a leak detection survey quotation.

Leak Detection Specialists Ltd have International public and product liability insurance covered with our International Leak Detection Services.

For further information on our International leak detection services  please contact our office Tel: 0844 8094968

International Leak Detection: The Falkland Islands
In March 2013 Leak Detection Specialists Ltd went to The Falkland Islands to carry out a leak detection survey to locate water leaks on a 4km fire ring mains and a 6km potable water supply feeding the base. Click here to find out more.

You can trust our International Leak Detection Services to find your leak...We have located leaks that other companies have failed to find!!!

Visit our website for more information on our International Leak Detection Services.


  1. Leak detection is an essential process that can help you locate and identify leaks in places where you don’t even know they exist.


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