Leak Detection Falkland Islands

Leak Detection Falkland Islands

Leak Detection Falkland Islands Project Plan: Leak detection survey to locate water leaks on a 4km fire ring mains and a 6km potable water supply feeding the Mount Pleasant Military base, Falkland Islands.
Leak Detection Specialists Ltd are the approved leak detection supplier for the MOD and other commercial projects across the planet.
When our engineers arrived in the Falkland Islands they immediately formulated a leak detection plan based on the site conditions and leak detection requirements on this site.
Our highly experienced leak detection engineers carried out various acoustic profiling and mapping techniques in order to reduce the amount of pipework that was potentially leaking into a more manageable area of leakage for our engineers to work on.
Our engineers deployed the use of tracer gas into the fire main, when an area of concern was detected through our initial acoustic profiling and mapping techniques.
Our equipment and engineers quickly located this area of leakage on a 4km fire main.
Our engineers were also tasked to find the leakage on 6km of potable water mains, that turned out to be 9km of pipework.
Due to the fact that Leak Detection Specialists have the most advanced leak detection equipment and techniques which makes our company and engineers probably the most skilled and knowledgeable in the world it did not take long before we had completed the survey on the Base at the Falkland Islands.
The leak detection survey was a complete success and all areas that we were required to survey were 100% conclusive for the client at the Falkland Islands.

Visit our website to see photos taken whilst carrying out the Leak Detection Falkland Islands.



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